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Ordering from full menu is available lunch or dinner, any day of the week excep MONDAY.

NEW MENU for May 2014
  Red Pearl Restaurant Grand Re-opening    

The brand new RED PEARL Restaurant Opens Now!
Guaranteed more enjoyable and spacious environment for your ultimate authentic Chinese cuisine dining experience.

 Here are some feedback from our customers:

The only asian restaurant my family eats at. Order your choices and they provide you with plates, and a large bowl of rice for everyone to share. Everyone dishes from the choices orderd onto their empty plates. This is the way it should be such as is in asian countries. Other restaurants you order your choice and that is all you get to experience.
 Alcohol is available. It's cheap, too.

Visited for the first time last week. The Red Pearl serves probably the most authentic Chinese food I've had in Birmingham. We had the fried rice noodles, with steamed dumplings and egg rolls. The whole fish dishes are good. Greens and other veggies are good. 

The food was very decent and the service was nice too.

 I love this restaurant. I have tried several Chinese foods from around the country, and this place is great. If you want authentic, then come here. If you want to order a meal by a number then go to any other Chinese place in Birmingham. Just writing about it, makes me want to go now!

red pearl restaurant spinning logo Chinese characters